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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Full Service Pay Per Click Campaign Management (PPC)

At the top and down the right hand side of the major search engines results pages, you will find something called sponsored listings. These are pay-per-click (ppc) ads and provide a quick and affordable way to capture highly qualified sales prospects. It is an excellent opportunity to focus on exactly what a “qualified keyword searcher” is looking for. You can be found immediately and pay only for those who click on your listings.

BERI Consulting offers full service options for setup, management, conversions and reporting within both Google and Bing’s pay-per-click search engine marketing services.

As part of each PPC campaign, we perform several tasks. Our package includes:

  • Keyword Analysis: Whether you have an existing pay per click internet advertising campaign or are just starting out, we perform keyword research and selection to ensure the campaigns are employing the most “qualified” keyword phrases in your campaigns.
  • Ad Creation and Testing: We write multiple unique ads to help maximize click thru and conversion rates. We also perform testing of new ads to help focus in on ads that work.
  • Campaign Tracking Implementation: We will work with your staff to implement tracking codes to aid in tracking conversions. We can also take over the hosting and support of you website to integrate tracking codes.
  • PPC Account Settings: We will establish and monitor the numerous Account Settings (daily max spend, match type, countries, etc.) to maximize business goals.
  • PPC Bid Management: We provide PPC bid management tasks including bid gap monitoring, bid price changes and bid position maintenance.
  • PPC Weekly/Monthly Analysis: We generate weekly and month-end reports of campaign performance, including individual keyword costs, conversions, and performance trends.
  • Campaign Improvements: We will suggest and implement PPC campaign improvement, including changes to title/description copy, keyword list modifications, and bid adjustments.
  • Looking for an Adwords Professional for creation of your Search Engine Marketing campaigns? DoubleDome’s Google Adwords Management and Bing adCenter Management services allow you to focus on your core business while we set up and manage your pay per click campaigns. Using a Search Engine Marketing consultant is a smart way to manage your time and your Internet Marketing budget.

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